VAIOSoft Recovery Manager

VAIOSoft Recovery Manager 7.0

Recovery Manager deals with recovery of lost images data and raw file format
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VAIOSoft, Inc.

Recovery Manager is the latest product from VAIOSoft, inc, which mainly deals with recovery of lost data. The data may be image, picture like JPG/JPEG, TIFF, WAV, MOV, MPEG/MPG, AVI, BMP, CUR, GIF, ICO, ZIP, PNG, PDF, RTF, DOC, SND, WMV, AIF, ASX, MID, MP3 and many other formats. It also supports raw file format of digital cameras. Recovers lost images (pictures), audio, video, data and Professional RAW image files. Backup, restore, duplicate and format Flash media. Supports Windows, MAC 8.x - 9.x, MAC OS X and Linux.

Basically, the Recovery Manager creates an identical copy of the system. It creates a back up point that can be used to restore all data and information in case of a system failure. Once it is scheduled, it automatically stores the data as per the schedule. It can store the data on internal or external devices from where it can be easily restored. It uses the instant image technology, which helps in creating the exact duplicate copy of the hard drive including the operating system. It also supports many removable devices.

The Recovery Manager is a user-friendly software hence it is very easy to use as it can be done with few mouse clicks. It also helps to upgrade and speed up the system.

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  • It reduces the risk of loosing important data


  • Sometimes the data may not be recovered
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